Werner Aluminum Ladder

Different Werner Attic Ladders To Choose

If you are shopping for ladders and already choose Werner as the brand, there are several models to choose. There are Werner attic ladders to suit many purposes. There are also special accessories that you can get.

Telescoping Multi-purpose ladders offer you the ability to choose the position and height of the ladder as needed. In the type, the thirteen foot ladder has thirteen available heights and positions. The seventeen foot model has twenty heights and positions. The twenty-two foot has twenty-eight and the twenty-six foot has thirty-seven positions and heights. Soft knobs allow for quick conversions. The steps have double rivets and the legs are complete with non-slip feet. For added safety, the bottom has a wide flare design.

If you are looking for a Werner  attic ladder to replace your existing attic ladder, there are models for that purpose, particularly the universal attic ladder. These ladders can fit any standard attic opening and any ceiling height up to ten feet. The steps are slip resistant. Gas struts replace traditional springs.

Werner ladders are also available in extension models. Currently, only aluminum ladders are available, but Werner will be releasing a version made from fiberglass for people who work with electricity. The Equalizer extension ladder has adjustable feet and a built in level to allow you to use your ladder safely on uneven ground, like a slope.

Have you ever made your own scaffold using boards and two A-frame ladders? Many tasks would be much easier using a scaffold, like painting. With a scaffold, you have more side to side distance; you do not have to move your ladder so many times. Werner makes a rolling scaffold. It folds compactly for storage and can easily be set up by one person. The castors swivel to maneuver better and lock when you are using the scaffold with safety. If you purchase two scaffolds and a few accessories, the scaffolds stack on top of each other. There are locking pins to prevent accidental folding and a steel frame for maximum durability.

Are you wondering is these Werner attic ladders have accessories that can be used? There are a few accessories that use Werner’s lock-in system. These accessories lock into place on top of the ladder to help make projects easier.These step laddeer is best ladder for painting also.The tools you need for the job are easily accessed while you do not need to be loaded down with an armful of materials or a belt jammed with tools.

The utility bucket can be used during construction projects to hold nails and other materials in easy reach; it can also be used during cleaning to hold supplies or even a cleaner that will not leak out. The job caddy has a dip center to hold tools and outer holes or various sizes to hold things like screwdrivers. The utility hook provides a place to hold a power cord to avoid tangling or a water hose to reduce the repeated trips up and down the ladder. The paint cup holds a pint of paint, has a handle if needed, and a brush magnet to help keep your paint brush in place.

Werner ladders can be found to tackle any job, large or small. Choose the ladder that matches what you would use it for the most. From step ladders to scaffolds, you are sure to find what you need.

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