Choose the Best Telescopic Ladder for the task at hand. The best Folding ladders for any job are the ones that meet all of the needs of a given project.  It is likely that whether you use a ladder for a residential project or an industrial one, you will not always use it for the same purposes.  This is why a ladder that is easy to use, and one that possibly converts into other forms is sometimes best for any given project.

Of course, safety is also a priority. Be sure you are choosing the best ladder from a reputable company that is made from materials such as aluminum and fiberglass. Steel braces and brackets add to the overall safety of the ladder.If you will be using your ladder to work with electrical boxes or equipment, be sure to choose the best ladder that has non-conductive hand rails.  Fiberglass is the optimal material for this.

For any job or set of duties, the right ladder will make your job easier and safer.  Be sure to understand the heights you will need to reach, the space you on the ground where you will be working, and the conditions that will be around you.  The best ladders will be able to accommodate all of these factors safely and reliably, allowing you to focus on your task more and your ladder less.  Remember that when it comes to ladder, safety is a particular concern, and each ladder is made to be used in a specific way.  When used as directed, these multi purpose ladders are safe and efficient.

Our 10 Best Rated Telescopic Ladders Reviews


#1 Telesteps 1800EP Pro 300-Pound Duty Rating Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder with Wide Step, 14 1/2 Foot

best price step ladders best household ladder best price telescopic ladders best place to buy a ladderThe Telesteps 1800EP Pro Telescoping Extension Ladder is considered by many to be the best of its kind.  This ladder is made from lightweight, high strength aluminum alloys and can telescope from just 32.4 inches to 14-1/2 feet in seconds.  Being that this ladder expands in 1 foot increments, it gives you the flexibility to adjust to any size project or task.  The best part is, after you are finished with this ladder it can be packed away where most standard bulky ladders could never be stored.

Not only does this telescopic ladder meet OSHA and ANSI standards, it is an extremely durable and quality constructed ladder.  It features rubber bumpers and feet for that added protection and the rungs of this ladder are serrated for grip, stability and that extra layer of safety.  The Telesteps 1800Ep Pro ladder also features a 300 pound Duty Rating for maximum strength and support which is one of the highest rating for this type of ladder.

Telesteps 1800EP Pro Telescoping Extension Ladder Features

  • Weighs only approx. 30 pounds
  • Extends to 14.5 feet
  • Sturdy aluminum alloys
  • Easy to carry and easy to store
  • 300 pound duty rating
  • Telescopes up in 1 foot increments
  • Rubber bumpers and rubber feet for added protection

Telesteps 1800EP Pro Telescoping Extension Ladder Reviews

This Telesteps 1800EP Pro ladder has received pretty high ratings.  As a consumer stated, this is their second Telesteps ladder and this model is even much better than the first one they had and they are even more happy with this model.  It was said that they could tell that this ladder was built with care and quality and that they could tell from their first use of this ladder.

A particular review stood out from a woman that said she was extremely happy with this telescopic ladder.  She was right from the start quite happy when it arrived because she instantly found out that this was something that she was going to be able to carry around easily.  A concern of hers since she is a small frame woman.   Later in her review she stated that even a few contractors at her house used the ladder and then ordered one for themselves they liked it so much.  She also stated that the free shipping (when you get it from Amazon) made it even that much better when it arrived at her door.

Another consumer stated that he was a little disappointed with this ladder and said that he is looking into getting a different model.  In his review, he was concerned that the collapsing feature was not that easy to use, however it should be noted that this was the only review that we came across that stated anything like this.  In the end, he did state though that it is a ladder that gets the job done.

One happy consumer of this telescopic ladder stated that she decided to get one after a roofer came to her town-home to do some work.  She said he called it his magic ladder, and after she saw how easy it was for him to access different areas of her home, that when she decided that this could really work for her.  She also mentioned the fact that she can store this fully functioning ladder in the back of her closet or under the stairs out of sight.

The Telesteps 1800EP Telescoping Extension ladder has a lot of high rated reviews and a couple that are average.  Overall, it seems that the majority of people give this ladder 4 & 5 star ratings and their reviews speak for themselves and provide in great detail all the benefits and the reasons that they like this as one of the best telescopic adjustable ladders.  This may be the reason why they take the time to review and recommend this ladder to others as well.


 #2 Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder, 22-Foot

When it comes to true tested quality and versatility there is no comparison to the Werner MT-22 Telescoping Multi-best place to buy a ladder best step ladder for kitchen best rated telescopic ladderLadder.  This telescopic ladder may be just the last ladder that you will ever need that will be useful in almost any situation.  The versatility of this ladder makes it very easy to transform from a twin stepladder to a stairway ladder, extension ladder, or two scaffold bases.  For over 60 years, this is a ladder that the pros have always looked to.

This professional grade ladder is great for indoor/outdoor use and is ergonomically constructed, and also features push-knob hinges.  The quality construction sets this ladder apart making it one of the best telescopic adjustable ladders and is built with double-riveted steps.  In addition, the smooth curved side rails is a safety feature that provides smooth comfortable climbing and the heavy-duty non-marring feet provide slip resistance. for that extra level of safety.

Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder, 22-Foot Features & Specifications

  • Product Dimensions:8 x 20 x 69 inches ; 42 pounds
  • 22-foot telescopic ladder with a 300-pound duty rating
  • 28 different working heights or positions
  • Professional grade ladder with sturdy support
  • Double-Riveted Steps and non-marring feet for slip resistance

Werner MT-22 Telescoping Multi-Ladder Reviews

Right out of the gate, one one the first reviews of this telescoping ladder was the fact that this 22-foot ladder was able extremely sturdy and was able to be stored in a much smaller space.  This seems to be one of the major perks of this item that seems to get endless positive feedback.  Many people need the height and sturdiness of a well-constructed ladder but they did not have the storage space for the regular designed non-adjustable ladders.

One happy consumer stated that they were pleasantly surprised to learn that this extremely versatile and sturdy ladder was able to compact down to the size to fit in the backseat of their car.   This was a major advantage to them because they use a ladder in their line of work and need to travel with one but like the peace of mind that the quality is not compromised at all being that this ladder is able to be transported so easily.

Another review stated that the Werner MT-22 Telescoping Multi-Ladder was just what they needed when they were remodeling their home.  They stated that they were able to use this ladder in the virtually ever situation that they needed it in. The ladder was very easy to change and lock into a new position with the locking mechanisms and felt very stable in every position.

A consumer stated that they might not have needed the 22-foot length for the added weight for transporting, but at the same time, they said they find the added length beneficial when in some of the different positions.  Their recommendation is just to take a quick moment and see what you are mainly planning to use your ladder for and in what situations so you are able to determine the size that will best suit you.  It seems as though having that few extra feet come in handy in a lot of situations.

Overall, the endless 4 and 5star ratings on the Werner MT-22 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder make this ladder a consumer favorite time and time again and always is receiving some of the most informative and detailed reviews and feedback.  Reviews repeatedly state that they are able to use this ladder for endless uses and is the only one they need now for all tasks.  This is definitely one of the best telescopic adjustable ladders on the market and gets a very high recommendation from many happy consumers


 #3 Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type I Professional Series, 15.5-Foot

telescoping ladder reviews best articulating ladder best ladder for stairs best multi position ladder best telescopic ladder review multi position ladder reviews multi purpose ladder reviewsThe Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder was designed for both the professional contractor and the all around at home do-it-yourself type.  These ladders are not only heavy duty and reliable but the are lightweight at the same time.  It features locking tabs for safe and smooth operation and makes positioning and adjusting the ladder easy and a massive time saver.  This telescopic ladder is very versatile for endless tasks and is a favorite among job sites as well.

This 785P Professional Edition Best Telescopic Ladder extends and locks by the foot,  making it easy to adjust to whatever height is needed for the job you currently need it for.  This really comes in handy when you are working on multiple projects and you don’t want the hassle of lugging around a heavy extension ladder.  The ability to transform this ladder from its full open length of 15 1/2 feet to a compact  37 1/2 inches when closed, makes the maneuverability and storage of this ladder a major benefit to anyone.

This ladder also features a No-Pinch Closure System and has red and green tab indicators in place to let you know when the rings are locked into place and the ladder is safe to climb.  This a feature that will allow you to have peace of mind while you are working.  One of the other safety features are the non-slip end caps on the ladder as well.

Xtend & Climb 785P Features & Specifications

  • Height open – 15-1/2 feet
  • Height closed – 36-1/2 inches
  • 36 pounds
  • Heavy-duty construction and is designed to hold up to professional use
  • Ladder extends in 1-ft. increments
  • Material: Aluminum alloy, Finish Type: Anodized
  • Osha Approved: Yes
  • Safe and easy to operate

Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Reviews

Many of the reviews for this ladder talk about the benefits of having a sturdy, well-constructed ladder that can depend on, but when the job is done you are able to store away with this later with not much space needed at all.  One review stated that they still can’t believe that he is able to extend this ladder to have access to the roof and then after he’s finished he can store it just about anywhere without taking up much more room than a portable cooler.

There were some reviews that caught your attention because the talked about things that you might not even think of.  She stated that as a smaller woman she is able to carry around this telescopic ladder easily unlike the bulky larger ladders and she is able to access the ladder and get it out of the garage without the hassle of moving vehicles out just in order to move the ladder.  It’s small things like that make this ladder the one for me, she stated.

A couple of people stated that the telescoping design of this multi position ladder is made with safety as a top priority.  Though it states that it has a no pinch design, as with any telescoping ladder,  just use caution when you are raising and lowering the ladder.It’s always best to just take be aware of another layer of safety for yourself.

In most of the reviews of the  Xtend & Climb 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder, the ease in using this ladder is a favorite statement among most.  Reviews have stated that yes it is a little heavier than you might think, but that is a sure sign of the heavy duty quality and durable safety of this ladder.  This is what you want.

There are many contractors that have reviewed this telescoping adjustable ladder and one, in particular, said that his life as a home inspector just got easier than he ever expected.  He is able to carry this later from the back seat of his car to the house to then inspect the roof and then take it down, carry it inside and upstairs to check the attic and other areas of the home with ease.  He stated that before he started using this ladder he never thought that that aspect of his job would ever get any easier.  He stated that he is glad to say that he was wrong.  The contractor also stated that this is the only ladder he uses for multiple tasks at multiple heights at his home and he even bought two as gifts for friends.


 #4 Xtend & Climb 770P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type II Home Series, 12.5-Foot

The Xtend & Climb 770P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Type II Home Series 12.5-Foot ladder is a force to

Xtend & Climb 770P Aluminum Telescoping

be reckoned with as one of the best telescopic adjustable ladders.  This versatile full-size adjustable ladder has the ability to allow you access to endless height situations for projects but then has the capability to collapse down to be able to fit easily in the back seat of your car.  The quality and durability of this ladder provide you with stability that adds peace of mind while you are working.

The Xtend & Climb 770P  is made of Aerospace Engineered 6061 alloy and has a Clean-Touch anodized finish.  This ladder carries a 225-pound duty rating and can easily withstand the tasks it will be presented with around the house.   These ladders feature a no pinch design and the height can be adjusted rung by rung to the exact height for the project or use.  Whether you are looking to change a light bulb or gain access to a crawl space, the integrated carrying handle allows you to carry this telescopic ladder easily with the hassle or bulky awkwardness of a traditional ladder.

Xtend & Climb 770P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder Features

  • Dimensions 12.5-foot ladder
  • Weight approx. 29 pounds
  • Telescoping Design
  • Integrated carrying Handle
  • No-slip end caps
  • Easy rung by rung height adjustment
  • Easy storage
  • Has a 225-pound ANSI duty rating
  • Heavy Duty Quality

Xtend & Climb 770P Aluminum Telescoping Reviews

The overall reviews of this ladder seem to have made endless happy consumers.  One of the main features that are commented on is the fact that they are finally able to have a full-size ladder that can handle all their full-size ladder needs around the house but then can be collapsed to store easily in a closet out of site.

One consumer in their review stated that they were looking for some time for a ladder that was safe, durable, strong and sturdy but they did not have the room to store a large bulky ladder in their space restricted apartment.  They had a crawl space though that they could use for storage which they need to utilize desperately.  They decided to that this ladder sounded like it was just what they were looking for and they are happy to say they were right.  After using the ladder they are able to store it under their bed with ease.

Some of the recommendations stated that for an extra layer of safety for yourself, when collapsing the telescopic ladder, if you do it rung by rung then you lessen even more so the chance of pinching a finger, but regardless like with anything else, as long as you apply care when you are operating something, this is not a concern and the design of the ladder features a no-pinch closure system.

A few of the reviews stated that there are more expensive models and brands of this type of ladder and they are excellent, but if you just need a dependable strong adjustable ladder for the typical homeowner for everyday uses around the house & residential projects, this telescoping ladder does all that and then some.  As one reviewer stated, this ladder is one of the most convenient and practical things I own & beats a cumbersome bulky traditional ladder any day.

Overall, the Xtend & Climb 770P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder seems to be a consumer favorite.  It features some of the highest 5-star reviews and rates as one of the best telescopic adjustable ladders and is recommended by most that have used one.


 #5 Werner AA10 250-Pound Duty Rating Televator Aluminum Universal Telescoping Attic Ladder, 10-Foot

The Werner AA10 250-Pound Duty Rating Televator Aluminum Universal Telescoping Attic ladder was designed to go where no other ladder could possibly ever think of going, making it one of the best telescopic adjustable ladders.  The concept behind this telescopic ladder was intended for small openings, closets, and other tight spaces that you were not able to access very easily.  These ladders are designed for easy one-person installation and can help you quickly and inexpensively achieve the access to your attic to utilize the space you could never get to before easily.

This strong durable and reliable ladder features wide 2-7/8-inch steps and sturdy rails with eased edges allowing you to safely carry objects up and down.  The non-marring feet of this Werner AA10 attic ladder keep your floors free from any scratches.  This telescoping attic ladder will allow you to utilize the space in your home with ease and allow you to have a ladder easily accessible right where you need it at all times.

Werner AA10 Telescoping Attic Ladder Features & Specifications

  • Gives you new access to unused storage space
  • Minimum 22-inch by 22-inch opening required
  • Fits a wide variety of ceiling heights
  • No more carrying heavy bulky ladders up and down stairs for attic access
  • No more storing a ladder in space that you need
  • Easy one-person installation
  • Compact for easy opening and storage
  • 48-pounds
  • Non-marring feet
  • Hardware for the door is included

Werner AA10 Telescopic Attic Ladder Reviews

The reviews on this telescopic ladder speak for themselves actually.  One of the most important features that was commented on was the fact that the installation process was pretty easy and it is quite easy for one person to install this ladder.  Later on, in the same review, it was also stated that it is extremely nice and convenient that the hardware for the door comes with the ladder.

Many reviewers were very happy that the templates that come with the Werner Telescoping ladder are extremely precise and that the directions are extremely detailed to make sire you understand every step of the installation process.  One complaint by a few people actually commented on this and stated that the directions may be too detailed, but then they later stated that they understand the details though because for some people this may be their first project like this.

One consumer, in particular, was so happy to say that they were able to follow the installation manual perfectly and they were able to install the ladder without any additional help from anyone pretty quickly.  They stated that they are by no means handy or technical people and they were able to assemble this ladder with ease.

Sometimes there are unexpected uses that you may not think of as well.  One man stated in his review that he was looking for a ladder that he could use for access to his loft, but then could be pushed up and be stored out of the way when not in use.  He installed this ladder and said it was exactly was he was looking to achieve and is extremely happy.  So, when you think outside the box,

With the amount of 4 and 5-star ratings and endless compliments and happy consumers, this is definitely one of the best telescopic adjustable ladders that is recommended by the vast majority that own them.  As one consumer stated, if you’re ready to add that level of ease to your life when a ladder is needed for elevated access, this ladder is something that will accomplish that for you and then some.



 #6 Little Giant Ladder #10121 Model 21 Skyscraper MXZ Telescoping A-Frame

Best Telescoping Ladder Reviews

When it comes to finding one of the best telescopic adjustable ladders, the Little Giant Ladder #10121 Model 21 is the largest of them all.  This is the type of ladder that was designed to handle all of your major projects and can do them with ease.  This is the worlds tallest A-frame ladder with a height of 21 feet that makes ceiling and other comparable work simple and safe.

There are ladders that are made for your everyday needs and there are ladders that were designed for larger projects and for projects that require great heights to be reached.  This ladder is able to accommodate both of those needs and the quality construction makes it that much better.  You want to feel safe and secure when you are working anytime on a ladder, but especially when you are working at heights of 20+ feet, you want to know that you are are working on a durable safe ladder and this one definitely delivers.

This is an extremely versatile ladder for its size and go get into project areas where motorized lifts cannot go.  This ladder is perfect for larger homes, churches, auditoriums and gymnasiums and endless other uses that requires a large, safe & sturdy ladder.  One of the best aspects of this best telescopic adjustable ladder is that it is able to be stored at half of its extension height.

Little Giant Ladder Skyscraper MXZ Specifications

  • Currently Worlds Tallest A-Frame Ladder
  • 21 Feet High
  • Complies with OSHA and ANSI requirements
  • Ladder can be stored at half its height
  • 103 lbs
  • Stepladder Height: 11-21
  • Telescoping A-Frame Ladder
  • Storage Height: 11ft. 7in.
  • Free Work Platform

Little Giant Skyscraper MXZ Reviews

The reviews on this ladder mention repeatedly the sturdy construction and how safe and secure you feel while working on it.  A specific review mentioned that they use this ladder to change the light bulbs in their home that ha over the 20-foot ceiling and that they would recommend this ladder to anyone needing additional height but not compromising safety.

One consumer stated that they were looking for the Grand Daddy of ladders and they found this model was the best telescopic adjustable ladder that came across.  They mentioned that they were looking at a few different models but for the height that they knew they would be working in a lot, they felt the safest and most secure with this ladder.

There are a couple things to consider though with this ladder.  It is very large and therefore is very heavy.  So, therefore, moving the ladder when it is at its full extension length can be quite a task.  Fortunately, though, the ladder can be broken up into 3 pieces for transporting or it would be recommended to have  2 people carry the ladder for safety reasons.  That being said, it seems that a ladder of this size would be expected to be heavy being that its has a heavy, safe durable construction.

A specific reviewer mentioned that this ladder is like their Swiss army knife and has endless uses from a simple step ladder to a mega telescoping ladder for major projects.  It also features an extension foot that makes working on uneven surfaces better and a U shaped bracket that hooks to the top making it easier to work.

Overall, it seems that most people have found that when they are needing the best telescopic adjustable ladder for everyday uses or working on major projects at higher requirements, this model seems to be a favorite.  With all of the high ratings as well, this ladder is a great consideration.


 #7 Werner MT-26 300-Pound Duty Rating Telescoping Multi-Ladder, 26-Foot

This Telescoping multi-ladder is brought to you by our folks at Werner. These guys are absolute geniuses when it comes to making the best ladders. They always come up with top notch and steady and stable ladders, the Werner MT-26 Multi-ladder is one of the best telescoping ladders out there. This baby is 26 feet long telescoping and comes with a 300-pound duty rating. The Werner MT-26 Multi-ladder also comes with 37 different working heights after you convert it to a 2 person stepladder, extension ladder or scaffolding ladder. The ladder comes with soft-touch push knobs which make it very easy to setup the ladder in any position you choose. This baby is a professional grade ladder and comes with double-riveted steps and heavy non-marring feet for resistance from slipping, this provides stable footing and makes sure that your work is not hindered and this baby also prevents slipping because of the tight steady grip of the steps. The Werner MT-26 Multi-ladder has a distinctly extremely wide flared bottom so that it can provide the steadiest of support while you climb on it and do work without worrying about the ladder.

Lets take a further deeper look into the wonderful features that this wonderful Werner MT-26 Multi-ladder has to offer.

Multiple Working Positions Ladder

The MT Series ladder can be easily converted to a stepladder, stairway stepladder, twin stepladder, extension ladder, or two scaffold bases to be used with a plank (plank not included).

The MT Series is available in four models MT-13, MT-17, MT-22, and MT-26allowing the choice of the perfect size for individual applications.

Easy Conversions and Height Adjustments

Each ladders inner section allows it to be folded into three set positions: extension ladder, twin stepladder, and storage.

Simply disengage the J-locks on either side, telescope the section out to the desired length (in one-foot increments), and then re-engage the J-hooks.

Durable and Safe

Double-riveted steps provide an extra wide flared bottom provides firm support. What’s more, smooth curved side rails provide comfort and safe climbing, while heavy duty non-marring feet provide slip resistance.

Warranty: The folks at Werner are so confident with this baby that they have offered a lifetime warranty on the Werner MT-26 Multi-ladder which we believe is insane and instills a lot of confidence in us as customers.

Discount : Oh you will absolutely love this part , we have just found that there is a 58% discount on the Werner MT-26 Multi-ladder, which basically saves us $423 which is absolutely unbelievable and this is why this Werner MT-26 Multi-ladder baby is just absolutely amazing and it is all courtesy of our folks at Amazon and Werner. If you would like to avail of your discount then do visit here.

Verdict: Its simple, this baby is one of the best telescoping ladders in the market right now and is selling like hot cakes for a reason, intact many reasons. A few of them are this ladder is extremely stable and supportive, can be adjusted in 37 positions and carries around 300 pounds this Werner MT-26 Multi-ladder is a steal of a buy. We recommend it super high and give this baby a double thumbs-up in a heartbeat!


 #8 Little Giant 12017 Revolution XE ladder

This is the baby version of all the Little Giant Revolution XE models out there in the market. The Little Giant 12017 Revolution XE ladder is 17 feet tall, it’s small and super light but by no means does it fall short in terms of features. There are so many wonderful features that this baby offers it is crazy. We love the Little Giant 12017 Revolution XE ladder simply because it serves as a multi purpose ladder and is super stable. It can be a telescoping ladder, an extension ladder, a 90-degree ladder, a step ladder and even a scaffold ladder, it does the job of 5 ladders all in one which is absolutely amazing. This Little Giant 12017 Revolution XE ladder is made out aircraft grade aluminum and uses first of its kind MAG4 hinge and the extreme wide flared bottom, which means that it is extremely stable and you don’t have to worry one bit when you climb. The maximum load carrying capacity on this baby is 300 pounds which are amazing and is the highest load carry capacity among all the ladders in the industry right now.

Safety & Comfort

The RevolutionXE has wider rungs than comparable multi-use ladders. For added safety, deep treads increase traction while climbing. For optimal safety and stability, the RevolutionXE features wide-flared legs. Little Giants signature Quad-Lock hinge has four pins to lock safely into place.

Rock Lock System for Fast Adjustments

The RevolutionXE also contains a Rock Lock system that allows you to adjust the length and configuration of the ladder much more quickly and with less effort, helping to avoid pinched fingers. Simply push the lock to release it, adjust the ladder, then tap it to relock it.

Sturdy & Safe Aluminum Construction

The RevolutionXE is made of lightweight, aerospace-grade aluminum and is rated to hold up to 300 pounds on both sides. This meets or exceeds all applicable Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards for product quality and safety.

Tip & Glide Wheels

Easily transport the RevolutionXE using tip & glide wheels—rather than carrying your ladder from storage to the job and back, you can simply wheel it from place to place. The lightweight RevolutionXE is much easier to transport as compared to other ladders of its size.

Verdict : This is simple, this is the best 17feet tall ladder in the industry right now. The vast number of wonderful and amazing and state of the art features gives all the customers confidence and most importantly super stability and security while working. The fact that there is a $200 discount just is crazy, we recommend this baby in a heartbeat. Go for it without even thinking, Little Giant 12017 Revolution XE ladder is simply one of the best telescoping and multipurpose ladders out there in the market.


 #9 Louisville Ladder AA229GS Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder 350 Pound Capacity 22.5-Inch by 54-Inch Opening Ceiling Height 7-Foot-9-Inches to 10-Foot Review

The Louisville Ladder AA229GS Elite Aluminium Attic Ladder is one of the best-selling extending ladders in the market right now. It is brought to you by the geniuses at Louisville Ladder and we all know that they have been around for ages and ladders are their forte, they make some of the best ladders out there. This Louisville Ladder AA229GS Elite Aluminium Attic Ladder comes in two sizes, the 22-1/2 inch by 54 inches and the 25-1/2 inch by 54 inches.

Let’s take a further look at all the features that this Louisville Ladder AA229GS Elite Aluminium Attic Ladder has to offer:

  • Insulated door
    • Wider clearance access offers more space to go up with large boxes
    • EZ hang strap included
    • 22.5 by 54 rough opening and 7 9 to 10 ceiling height

The specs of Louisville Ladder AA229GS Elite Aluminum Attic Ladder 350 Pound Capacity 22.5-Inch by 54-Inch Opening Ceiling Height 7-Foot-9-Inches to 10-Foot are:

  • Manufacturer: Louisville Ladder
  • Product Dimensions: 55.322.312.3 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 53.3 pounds

Verdict: All in all the Louisville Ladder AA229GS Elite Aluminium Attic Ladder makes for a power packed, vast features, easy to use and fold ladder. Louisville Ladders are very reputed and produce some of the best multi purpose ladders out there in the market, the name definitely inspires a lot of confidence and coupled with the $106 discount, this now makes an easy and an affordable buy. If you would like to check what our other customers are saying about this ladder then do visit here guys.


Telescopic Loft Ladder Review

When you have a very small opening, or an area like a closet, where you need access to get into your attic, a telescopic loft ladder is an ideal solution. This style of a ladder is specifically designed for tight openings. That said, one of the more popular telescoping ladders is one from Werner. Here’s a closer look at the Werner AA8 Televator Telescoping Attic Ladder.

As a do-it-yourself project, you’ll find this ladder to be pretty upfront and easy to install. The opening need only be 22 X 22 inches and the total time to install is roughly 2-3 hours at most. I want to mention that this unit does not include the door itself, although they do provide a handy template to use in making one yourself.

The instruction manual that comes included is very detailed. You won’t be guessing as to what to do next. That being the case, the instructions are easy enough to follow for anyone to put together. In fact, this loft ladder is designed to be a one-person job and it really is.

This Werner ladder features:

  • 250-pound weight capacity
  • Fits ceilings from 7.4 – 8.4 feet high (The Werner AA10 is available for 10-foot ceilings)
  • Non-marring feet
  • Ladder requires an opening of only 22 x 22 inches
  • Wide 2-7/8″ steps
  • Includes all hardware, templates, and instructions

Werner has been making ladders of all types for over 60 years now, and this model AA8 is a solid choice for anyone with very tight space limitations. It is so much better than trying to use a step stool or other means to get up into the attic or loft area. I know, I’ve done that myself for years until I made the decision that I need a safer solution.

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