Best Reciprocating Saw (Oct) 2017 Complete Buyers Guide & Reviews

The Reciprocating Saw also known as a “Sawzall” is a very versatile electric tool with many uses and application. The best reciprocating saw at any given time is fitted with the right blade for the job at hand. A reciprocating saw is a popular tool used by many handymen because it can cut through tough materials with ease. It is also a useful tool to have at home for the avid DIY.

Reciprocating saw comes handy when changing PVC pipes, cutting through different nails or pins, taking down branches in the yard, fitting a window, cutting through materials such as metals, wood PVC and making the indentation on walls. It can be used for miscellany tasks such as Do it Yourself (DIY) projects and yard works.

Our 10 Best  Reciprocating Saw Machines Reviews


 #1 Hitachi CR 13 VBY 12 AMP


It is a reciprocating saw with User Vibration Protection Technology (UPV), it has a lot of features that makes it distinct from other saws, one of its distinctive feature is its user vibration protection technology that protects users from feeling the direct impacts of vibration, it greatly reduces the full loaded vibration by over 65%, thereby curtailing wear out or fatigue of the user and prolonged saw life.

Buying Tips and Suggestion (Features and Specification)

It has a 12 AMP motor, a professional tool that is well equipped for heavy duty projects such as constructing projects. Features user vibration protection (UVP) technology that helps in reducing the impact of vibration by a whopping 65% on its users. Trigger and dial variable speed control; this means that the users are able to maintain a consistent rotation speed and ideally adjust the pull of the trigger switch. The tool provides appropriate energy needed combat herculean and tough tasks. Has an inbuilt 1-1/4-inch blade that can be easily manoeuvred to reach the most inaccessible spots, it is designed for maximum reach. 

As a result of its user vibration protection technology, the life span of Hitachi CR 13 VBY 12 AMP is prolonged, it also ensures maximum comfort of its operator. Its thermoplastic elastomer case ensures a firm grip and makes it highly resistant to heat. Hitachi’s 3000 per minute capability coupled with its swing mode blade action makes wood cutting faster. It comes with a sturdy inured to wear and tear and a 5 years’ warranty. The tool is corded and features a 2 mode cutting mechanism i.e. a straight and swing mode cutting technique which minimizes rebound. It weighs 9.7 Lbs and 18.3’’ long.


It has a minimal vibration as a result of the user vibration protection technology which enables it to absorb lots of impact and shock. Special care was taken in modeling this product for plumbers, electricians, HVAC constructors, and carpenters, Hobbyist, Builders and Do It Yourself. Best reciprocating saw for those who seek a refined cut with a professional outlook. For those who want to spend less time and efforts through various materials, Hitachi CR 13 VBY 12 AMP is the best choice. Although larger than most reciprocating saw models, it rightly fits into the hand, smooth, efficiently cuts into any type of material. Features a triple seal that protects the tool against dust, debris dust, and moisture. Coupled with these outstanding features, it has a low price range, hence, making it easily affordable to many.


Heavy weight, with a weigh of approximately 9.7 Lbs might pose a challenge of easy carriage. The cord of Hitachi CR 13 VBY 12 AMP is relatively short, which can limit the movement of the operator. Blades are loosely fitted and case design is quite tight. Tool less shoe adjustment, the product has only 2 position, which makes cut depth selection limited.

Why you should purchase Hitachi CR 13 VBY 12 AMP

Hitachi CR 13 VBY 12 AMP reciprocating saw has a constant performance coupled with an innovative design that makes it easy and comfortable to use. It is an easy to manage saw, it has an anti-vibration technology that protects its operator and reduces fatigue of the ar. there is no gain saying that Hitachi CR 13 VBY 12 AMP reciprocating saw is more than capable to perform.




Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Sawzall Reciprocating saw kit is a tool that possess an effortless cutting power , accompanied with 12 Amps of motor speed, it is comparable to the highest grade of reciprocating saw which affords its operator to cut with confidence. It is especially modelled and produced to combat the roughest, toughest and most herculean tasks, it can undergo the heaviest, biggest demolition and construction works coupled with other lesser projects with apparent ease. It is fast, powerful with a speed of up to 3000 rpm it can go through a wide range of materials such as wood, metals, PVC pipes and other objects.

Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Sawzall is ideal for Carpenters, Builders, Constructors, Plumbers, Electricians and those who to do yard works themselves. One of its most typical feature is its speed and great capacity to work effectively.


Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Sawzall is a corded saw with a 2-way blade positioning .The changing of blades is made easier by its Quik-Lok blade changer with this exact feature, operators can effectively and single handily clamp the blade securely without need for tools. It’s vibration free operation ensures that operator is shielded from the impacts and full force of the vibration.  Blade of 1 and 1/8-inch cuts deeper, faster and reaches into the most inaccessible spots, cut speed of this tool is 3000 strokes per minute, thereby reducing wear or fatigue on the operator.

The tool is 19.0 in length and 7.1 Lbs, which makes it a light weight tool that can be carried around with less grunting. Variable speed trigger allows the operators to easily control the tool. Tool less blade clamp, hence, no tools are needed to clamp or secure the blade into the tool and has an anti-slip grip which makes it slip-proof when handled. The toll has in-built 12 Amp motor and 120VAC which gives it the ability to carry out the toughest and most tasking jobs. Coupled with all these outstanding features, is a cost effective tool that is easily by anyone.


Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp Sawzall is the best choice of tool for heavy duty and rigorous task. It has a gear assembly clutch which protects the blade bind from getting damaged and ensure longevity of the tool. It’s a portable and light weight tool making it easier to be carried around. Its anti-vibration protection technology guarantees the safety and protection of the operator, as operators are shielded from the impact of the vibration.


It comes with a non-adjustable Shoe; this makes it impossible for operators to adjust shoe when work is in progress. Lack of speed limit control is another limitation users may feel. Product does not come with blades, operator will have to purchase blades separately and even the carry case is a little too small to contain extra blades.


Having a second thought on buying Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp reciprocating saw? Milwaukee 6519-31 12 Amp offers the best in terms of cutting speed, durability and power, it comes with a well fitted case for easy carrying around.

MILWAUKEE 6519-31 12 AMP Check Reviews And Price




Yard works just got easier with Dewalt DWE 304 10 Amp reciprocating saw. It is a very versatile tool that is efficient for all myriads of work ranging from cutting of plastics, Aluminium, metals to masonry.

Dewalt DWE 304 10 Amp reciprocating saw comes handy for jobs such as demolition work, bathroom renovations, removing old windows, decking boards, stud partitioning, fence posts and wood embedded with nails. It is designed for forceful and aggressive cutting, it ensures super-fast cuts of the toughest materials, it is inbuilt with extra speed that makes the job faster and reduces waste of time.

The use of Dewalt DWE 304 10 Amp reciprocating saw helps to greatly reduce the extra efforts that may be exerted on a job if another type of saw is used, it is modelled for an oscillating cutting action resulting in a quicker cut, it is exclusively designed to handle strenuous and herculean tasks with ease and effortless skill.


Dewalt DWE 304 10 Amp and 120 VAC reciprocating saw is powerfully built and modelled for heavy duty jobs; the ease at which it combats these jobs makes it distinctive. It possesses a variable speed trigger that enables users to decrease or increase the speed while working, this puts the operator in absolute control of the tool. Four position blade clamp enables the blade to position itself anywhere and flush cut in the most inaccessible spots flush cutting. It has a fixed adjustable shoes, hence, the adjustable shoe cannot be adjusted.

Dewalt DWE 304 10 Amp reciprocating saw weighs 7.0 Lbs; this makes it a light weight tool that can be easily carried about with ease without inducing fatigue on its user. It has a lever action blade clamp which enables quick and easy blade change. Comes with a contractor’s bag and a metal cutting blade with a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches. Anti-slip comfort grip which makes it slip proof.


It is remarkably light weight tool, making it easier to be handled and carried about. Switchable orbital motion allows the tool to spin and cut faster.  Product comes with a 3 years’ warranty, a 90 days’ full refund return policy and a one-year service contract.


It comes with only one blade and might not be powerful enough for professional use, professionals will want a bigger saw.


A variable speed reciprocating saw which seamlessly tears through wood, metals, pipe, PVC and other materials you could think of, it is in-built with a 12.0 motor designed for heavy duty task, Dewalt DWE 304 12-Amp is all you could ever desire in a reciprocating saw.




Makita JR 3070 CT AVT Reciprocating Saw is what could be termed superior powered saw, it is the best andideal saw for heavy duty work, it is a professional tool that works perfectly on any conceivable materials, it is specially designed and modelled to work the roughest terrain and under the toughest condition. Its functionality is outstanding and second to none. It delivers impeccable results with low vibration.

Makita JR 3070 CT AVT Reciprocating Saw is developed with 15 Amp motor that makes use of constant powered technology in other to maintain the fastest speed and power under load for unrivalled cutting performance. It is the highest specification among Makita reciprocating Saws, it performs with extra intensity and has a cutting efficiency that is going to surprise you.

It features an orbital mechanism that enables the tool to work effortlessly and give a professional cut, it also comes with a complete set of the blade and carry case for easy carriage.


Makita JR 3070 CT AVT Reciprocating Saw is in-built with a 15 Amp motor; this makes the tool a high powered technology with an outstanding speed that delivers superior result in a relatively short time. Has tool-less blade change; this means that no tool is necessary to change the blade, the blade can be changed with as much ease and less efforts as possible.

Makita JR 3070 CT AVT Reciprocating Saw is designed with an anti-vibration technology that protects the operator from the impact of the full force of vibration of the tool, this also means that it can be conveniently used for a long period of time without getting tired or causing fatigue to the arm. It has an electric speed control which allows the tool to maintain a regular and constant speed even under a heavy load.

Furnished with a built in clutch reduces gear damaging, hence, the gears can be disengaged if the blade binds. The tool has the ability to perform 0-2,800 strokes per minute. Net weight is approximately 4.2 kg and an input wattage of 1,510 watts, it is definitely the ideal tool for demanding jobs. This product comes with blades and a carry case for easy carriage around.


The switchable orbital motion helps the saw to easily cut through wood or any other harsh materials. Bade changes are uncomplicated; it can be done in a snap due to its tool less blade change mechanism. The tool is developed with a motor and gear protecting clutch which protects the blade in case it binds. A 15 Amp powered motor that can effortlessly cut through cast iron, steel, pipes, beams, wood, and any conceivable materials.

This fine machine comes with an anti-slip comfort grip for easy handling of the machine while working. It’s electronic speed control enables the machine to cut at a speed that commensurates with the load, it has a 6-speed setting which enables the saw’s capacity to increase its speed as the load increases.

Makita is modeled with an anti-vibration technology which reduces the force of vibration transmitted by the saw, hence, it results in less noise, easier cutting and reduces fatigue of the operator.


It is difficult to point out any limitation of this tool, the only obvious and limiting feature of this tool is its weight. Makita JR 3070 CT AVT Reciprocating Saw is a heavy machine that might be too much of a load for daily or casual functions.


This machine is an overkill; it encompasses all the right features. Its AVT feature means significantly less vibration and no compromise whatsoever in its operation, it is specially designed and modelled to take down the toughest and hardest material without breaking a sweat, Makita JR 3070 CT AVT is no doubt the right choice when contemplating on the perfect reciprocating saw.


 #5 BOSCH RS 428 14 AMP


Bosch RS 428 14 Amp reciprocating saw is a very reliable tool whose functionality cannot be overemphasized. It is the ideal tool for high-end cutting projects such as demolishing, construction, plumbing and masonry. Its effectiveness in cutting any type of material is what makes it the best tool to purchase, it is also fully furnished with features that makes it stand out among other tools. It is a corded reciprocating saw that cut with ease and professionalism, it relieves its operator of any unnecessary stress and delivers impeccable long lasting results.

Bosch RS 428 14 Amp reciprocating saw is a tool specially designed, built and modeled to carry out heavy duty works effectively, it has an ergonomic handle that ensures maximum comfort and firm grip while cutting, it also possesses a variable speed trigger that can be adequately used to control the tool while cutting.

It has incomparable features that enhance the capability and makes It is a state of the art tool for constructors, builders, plumbers, electricians, Mason, and DIYers, it is further backed with a 60 days’ money back guarantee, this confirms its quality assurance.


Has the highest power to weight ratio, with a meager weight of 8Lbs and performs at a high rate of 14 Amp of power. In built with a variable speed trigger which enables it to be easily controlled by the operator to fit the job at hand, an improved cutting control of any material. Modelled with a constant orbital action feature that is revealed in its cutting tenacity and high performance.

Bosch RS 428 14 Amp comes with an ergonomic handle in other to ensure firm slip free grip and with a compact size of only 18.4’’ enables the tool to be easily manoeuvred to fit into challenging positions. Speed range of 0-2,900 per minute, makes cutting easy in a relative short time. A powerful high power of 14 Amp allows it to cut through the hardest material with ease. It has a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches and performs at 120 voltages.

Bosch comes with a reciprocating all-purpose saw and a carry case. Complete with a 3 position adjustable foot; it can be easily adjusted; it is durable enough to endure the roughest handling. It is a corded reciprocating saw of cord length 8ft, this eradicates the restriction of the operator while cutting. Blade change system is tool free and exceptionally crafted for reliability and strong in form.


Bosch comes with a carry case that is spacious enough to carry additional tools. Anti-vibration technology (AVT) reduces the adverse effect of vibration force on its operator, thereby eradicating fatigue of the arm. For a 14 powered motor, it has the right weight of 8 pounds to match its high technology performance. Equipped with a variable speed control that enables operator to dial in and achieve a more efficient cut depending on the material. Has an exposed shaft, hence it is not possible for debris to get stuck into the tool and unlikely for dust to build up. Coupled with all these features, it has a competitive price which makes it a good combination of value, quality and high performance.


Bosch RS 428 14 Amp comes in an orbital mode only.


Bosch RS 428 14 Amp is expertly crafted to give utmost satisfaction to its operator, it can easily be manoeuvred in various direction and to reach the most inaccessible spots, it is also built with a whopping 14 motor which enables it to outperform and adequately optimize speed. these are more than enough reasons to purchase Bosch RS 428 14 Amp.


 #6 DEWALT 311K 13 AMP


Dewalt 311k 13 Amp reciprocating saw is a fully powered reciprocating saw of 13 Amp, it is durable well structured, sturdily built and firm. This tool poses no risk whatsoever to its operator, it works on any materials effortlessly and void of any hiccup. With an orbital action that allows the tool to be switched, it is the perfect choice for cutting through fibre glass, rubber, composites, light to heavy weight metals, nail embedded woods and plaster.

Powered by a strong 13 Amp motor, you are assured of getting all those heavy and massive tasks done without breaking a sweat. It is equipped with the standard features of a reciprocating saw, a model that conforms to the ideal standard of a reciprocating saw. It delivers just the right amount of tenacity needed for the job.


It is a corded reciprocating saw fashioned with an anti-slip grip that makes it easy to handle when cutting. 1-1/8 strokes length ensures that materials are easily penetrated for in depth cuts, it easily and seamlessly cuts through cement, fibres, board, gypsum, steel, conduit, pipes, nails and wood. The tool can easily be switched from orbital to non-orbital action depending on the nature of the task at hand, with its orbital blade action, the ideal speed that matches each material is guaranteed.

Its tool-less blade clamp makes the change of blade very easy. A high powered 13 Amp motor and 120 VAC with 0-2,700 strokes per minute. The tool weighs a little below 9 pounds and a length of 18.0 inches, it is easy to use without feeling the heaviness of the weight while working.

It possesses a variable speed trigger which can be used to easily control the speed limit to the operator’s preferred speed rate. Comes with an adjustable shoe, the adjustment of the shoe length requires no tool and it can be done with ease.


Dewalt 311k 13 Amp saw has a tool-less clamp which makes it easier to change the clamp. The speed control limiter comes handy when working on different types of materials, the speed can easily be controlled to suit the operator’s preference. Its orbital action makes job easy and speed things up.


Dewalt 311k 13 Amp reciprocating saw is not modelled with a vibration control technology, to regular users this might be a major drawback, as it could easily lead to operator’s fatigue. It has a case that is not big enough to contain the saw without first removing the blade.


Dewalt DW 311k 13 Amp is built with a superior internal component durability that greatly surpasses every other reciprocating saw. its ability to handle tough and rugged construction and demolition projects makes it stand out.


Best Reciprocating Saw (Sawzall) Reviews And A Detailed Guide

Nothing rivals a durable, good and fierce reciprocating saw for tough tasks. a reciprocating saw is one of the indispensable tool you should have in your tool box. It is an electric saw also known as Sawzall, hognose, Sabre Saw or Recip saw as it is fondly called. A reciprocating saw is an all in one that can be used for tons of household tasks which means you don’t have to get different tools, it is durable, fierce and versatile.

Reciprocating saws are carefully designed and modelled for those seemingly difficult and tough tasks that other types of saw cannot carry out, embedded with a longer, wider and sharper blade, it removes materials faster than necessary, it is designed with big motor and quality shells that is useful for hard core projects, construction and demolition work.

Reciprocating saw varies in terms of its power, speed and features, from the corded models exclusively fashioned for demolition and heavy constructions, less powerful portable models, high speed models, portable and hand held models that are mostly shaped in form of cordless drill to highly powerful models and trigger sensitive models.

A good Sawzall is every handy-man’s cherished tool, hence it is important that they are kept abreast with the best reciprocating saw in the market, below are lists of the best reciprocating saw we have complied exclusively for you.


 How Fast Can A Reciprocating Saw Cut?

A key consideration when choosing the best reciprocating saw for your purpose is the cutting speed. Cutting speed is determined by how may strokes the saw can produce in a minute and is measured in SPM (strokes per minute). A higher number is preferable to get the job done faster. Reciprocating saws either come with a single speed setting or a variable speed.

Best reciprocating saws typically have a variable speed with minimum and maximum setting. The adjustable variable speed is either through trigger sensitivity or through a dial. It allows the user to control the speed of the reciprocating saw to match the cutting action. The harder the speed trigger is squeezed, the faster the blade moves. When using a variable speed saw, it is better to allow the saw to attain its highest speed before cutting.


How a Reciprocating Saw works

A reciprocating saw has a large blade like a Jigsaw. It also has a handle that allows it to be used easily on vertical surfaces. The reciprocating saw makes a cut through a push and pull motion of the blade. Many reciprocating saws make straight cuts through a back and forth motion while other models cut in an orbital or rocking motion. The orbital action causes the tip of the blade to move in an oval pattern, up and down as well as back and forth.

Because the blade of a reciprocating saw is only about an inch, it’s easy to change direction during a cutting motion. The saw’s blade can also be steered at much tighter angles than other types of saws.

One other great benefit of the reciprocating saw over other saws is that, its’ blade has a very short stroke and is able to get into tight or awkward spaces.

It’s All In The Blade

Because the reciprocating saw is so versatile, one is tempted to undertake a cutting task with the wrong blade, which can be frustrating and dangerous.  The most important things to know about the blades are:

  • Blade Type: Which includes wood blades, metal blades and combination blades. Blades designed to cut metal have many teeth per inch, around 14 to 20, whereas blades designed to cut wood have fewer, around 6 to 8. They are not interchangeable, so make sure you’ve got the correct type installed before you start trying to cut.
  • Blade Length: Before you can use a reciprocating saw successfully you must make sure the correct blade of the correct length is installed. They come in different lengths typically 6 to 10 inches. Generally, you always want to use the shortest blade that will do the job.

 Corded Vs Cordless Reciprocating Saw 

The best reciprocating saw can either be corded or cordless. Making a choice between a corded or cordless saw is based on how the saw will be used. Our reciprocating saw reviews include both corded and cordless reciprocating saws

Corded Reciprocating saws are powered through electric outlets while cordless ones are powered by a rechargeable battery. They tend to be more powerful and can scrape deeper into harder materials under high pressure for longer than cordless models.

Cordless reciprocating saws models are a better choice for light users because they are smaller and portable. They can be used at sites without a power outlet. An obvious downside is that a cordless reciprocating saw will require the purchase of more batteries in the future.

Other Accessories For The Best Reciprocating Saw:

  • Safety goggles or glasses.
  • Dust masks to prevent breathing dust created while sawing.
  • A carrying case, to help protect the tool from damage.
  • Extra batteries for the cordless reciprocating saw


Our Best Reciprocating Saw ReviewsDewalt-DCS388T1-FlexVolt-60V-Max-Recip-Saw

Our reviews highlight all the important features that each of our products have. This will help our readers with their research. Read the detailed comparison in our reciprocating saw reviews to enable you make the best buying decision.

DEWALT DW310K Reciprocating Saw

The DEWALT DW310K Reciprocating Saw features a convenient clamp blade design. This product’s 4-positioning blade lets you be versatile and select which configuration perfectly matches any project you need. This characteristic enables you to make flush cuts and position the blade in any of 4 variable directions. You thus get fast, accurate cutting with minimum effort. You can also cut faster with the extended lengths of the stroke which are one and an eight inches long. Keyless, fast blade changes are another feature as well as a three-year warranty. Another great addition to your purchase is a year’s worth of free services and a ninety-day guarantee or your money back.

As a company, Dewalt knows that you can get easy handling which gives you more accurate cutting control. The fact that this saw is a mere eight-point-six pounds makes it easier to maneuver than other products in its class which tends to be heavier. This corded tool takes the worry out of having to constantly change batteries or running out of power. Variable control for speed features performance which is application-specific and gives you the capability of working between zero and two thousand seven hundred SPMs.

We have found the best price for DEWALT DW310K Reciprocating Saw at Amazon – click here to check it out.

DEWALT DW310K Reciprocating Saw Features and Specifications

  • Corded electric power source
  • 10.88 inches height x 4.63 inches width x 19.81 inches length.
  • Weight is 12.1 pounds
  • Speed can be controlled with the speed variable trigger
  • Motor is 12 amps for applications that are heavy duty

Bosch RS7 Reciprocating Saw

The new Bosch RS7 Reciprocating Saw has the most power in tools of its class with dual LED lights and eleven amps of power. With this product, never has cutting been so easy. There is a comfortable grip, a lightweight feel and a great design which makes cutting simple and quick. The dual LED lights not only illuminate cutting areas, there is also a hook on the saw which is a great way of storing it. This gadget has one hundred and twenty volts. There is eleven amperage, a stroke length of one and an eighth inches and a tool weight of 7.2 lbs.

The total length is nineteen inches and the applications are for tool repair and construction projects. In the box is included one carrying bag for your conveniences, an all-purpose blade that cuts through everything and a reciprocating saw. There is a trigger for variable speed which improves control of cutting in different materials and a blade change system which is tool-less. This results in removal or installing of the blade to be both effortless and fast.

Bosch RS7 Reciprocating Saw Features and Specifications

  • Power of eleven amps, making it the most powerful gadget in its
  • Improved control in cutting different materials results from the variable trigger for speed
  • Long lasting bright LED light illuminates your zone for cutting
  • Soft grip plus ergonomic handle gives you comfortable grip for maximum cutting accuracy
  • Blade change system is tool-less featuring effortless, fast blade removal and installing.

Hitachi CR13VBY Reciprocating Saw

Hitachi CR13VBY Reciprocating Saw is a twelve amp reciprocate saw that offers a new patented UVP technology which is another name for User Vibration Protection. The fact that there are adverse effects on the health of people who use vibrating tools on a regular basis has led to this issue being addressed by the manufacture of products such as this one. This technology has reduced the produced overall vibration by the motorized mechanisms and thus lessens the transfer of vibration to the tool’s user. There is a counterweight reduction mechanism with a tri-axial full-load vibration.

Compared to the other saws on the market, this reciprocating saw produces a faster steel cut. The saw which is a twelve-amp gadget makes an overall reduction of up to sixty-five percent, resulting in lessened fatigue for the tool’s user. This saw is also more has less wear and tear on the tool itself and is generally much more comfortable to use overall. The product dimensions are fifteen pounds and the dimensions are 25 inches x 16.4 x 12.7 inches. With a five year warranty, this lightweight 9.7 lb product measures 18.3 pounds.

We have found the best price for Hitachi CR13VBY Reciprocating Saw at Amazon – click here to check it out.

Hitachi CR13VBY Reciprocating Saw Features and Specifications

  • UVP or user vibration protection reduces up to 65% of regular vibration, resulting in less wear and tear on the tool, more comfortable usage and less overall fatigue
  • Variable speed trigger and dial provides speed adjustment which is step-less compared to orbital traditional action
  • Includes eight-inch BI 5-piece all-purpose blades and case
  • A mechanism for swing cutting causes less rebounding effect compared to old style orbit actions.

 Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Saw

The Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Saw delivers durability, speed and is best in class for cutting speed. With between zero to three thousand strokes for every sixty seconds, the one and one-eight inch length of strokes and the twelve-amp motor deliver everything it promises. The clutch is gear protecting and extends the motor life and the gear by the absorption of forces that are high-impact.

The black clamp is QUIK-LOK and offers blade-free changes that are quite rapid. Smooth operation is experienced with the reduced vibration due to the mechanism which is counter-weighted. The front grip is redesigned and provides top notch quality ergonomics for total comfort. Weighing just twelve pounds, the product dimensions are 5.3 inches by 22.4 inches by 11.1 inches. A carrying case is included with your purchase. Also included is a twelve-amp reciprocating saw from Sawzall with a one and one-eighth inch stroke. One of the best saws in the market, this product is dependable and can cut through just about any material. There is a lot of power, unmatchable ergonomics and a great cord.

We have found the best price for Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Saw at Amazon – click here to check it out.

Milwaukee 6519-31 Reciprocating Saw Features and Specifications

  • Smoother operation with vibration reduction due to the counter weight mechanism
  • Provides rapid tool-free blade changes for QUIK-LOK blade clamps
  • Powerful twelve-amp engine delivers between zero to three thousand SPM for high-quality cuts for almost any material
  • Twelve pounds in weight, product dimensions are 5.3 inches x 22.4 inches x 11.1 inches.

DeWALT DC385K Reciprocating Saw

What the DeWALT DC385K Reciprocating Saw does is mimic a handsaw’s forwards and backwards handsaw motion which lets you cut rapidly through wood shingles, framing and PVC pipes among others. In addition, this type of saw is able to get into hard-to-reach areas that other saws are not able to reach, which makes it a great new product to add to the collection of tools you have. The fast cutting speed of this product is the result of the big one and one-eight inch length of strokes and eighteen volt motor. The saw gives a speed control which is variable for performance which is specific to performance. It is also capable of operating at a speed which ranges between zero and three thousand SPM. After you finish cutting, the electric brake of the saw halts the blade reliably and quickly.

The DEWALT Cordless Reciprocating Saw carries with it DEWALT’s trademark of unprecedented craftsmanship and well-tested mechanism.  While most reciprocating saws have control and power issues caused by vibrations and inferior mechanism, DEWALT has solved this problem down pat.  It is perfect for renovations and remodels that require a great deal of demolition.  There is no cord to limit the movement of its user and has a 1-1/8 inch stroke length that delivers faster cutting.

The quadruple positioning of the blade’s clamp lets you select the configuration which is a perfect match for the application you need to be done. The clamp blade is metal-reinforced for durability you can count on. This gives you the precision to cut upside-down and the ability to do flush cutting no matter which configuration you are using. The open top shoe pivoting of this product lets you see what it is you are working on. The long battery life and comfortable grip let you have more accurate cuts and better control. This product easily maneuvers and weighs a mere 8.2 lbs. It features an anti-slip, textured grip for your safety. The trigger gives you performance which is consistent. This eighteen-volt XRP cordless reciprocal saw kit includes the warranty pack from DEWALT which includes a limited warranty for 3 years and 12-month contract for free service. There is also a 3-month guarantee or your money back. The box includes a kit box, an eighteen volt XRP battery, a 1-hour Ni-Cad charger, and a DC385K Dewalt XRP Reciprocating cordless saw.

DeWALT DC385K Reciprocating Saw Features and Specifications

  • 3-year limited warranty, 90-day guarantee or your money back
  • Fast blade keyless changes
  • Comfort grip, lightweight balanced design
  • Extended one and one-eighth inch length of strokes for more rapid cutting
  • Delivers between 0-3000 SPM for precision cuts.
  • Variable speed control – With variable speeds that range from 0-3,000 strokes per minute, the Dewalt Dc385K delivers fast and accurate cutting performance.  Stroke length is 1-1/8 inch that is longer than most recip saws in the market.  The blade stops cutting immediately once a cut is finished as an added safety feature.
  • Versatile blade clamp and shoe design – No guess work is necessary with the Dewalt Reciprocating Saw as it has configurations that can be chosen to match the application at hand.  It has a four-position blade clamp that lets users effortlessly move from one configuration to another.  Cutting is easier with this Recip Saw because aside from the four-position blade clamp, it has a spinning open shoe so that users can easily monitor their progress.
  • Keyless blade changes – Unlike with other reciprocating saws that require special tools to replace the blade, the Dewalt DC385K allows keyless blade changes.  Changing or replacing the blade is no hard task so more work is done in less time. 18-volt XRP extended run-time battery- The Dewalt Dc385K requires only an hour of charging, but delivers power for an entire day of fast and effortless cutting.  As with other DEWALT cordless tools, this DEWALT Reciprocating saw has 40 percent longer working time.

Whats Included In Every Box Of DEWALT Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit:

  •  A Dewalt Reciprocating Saw;
  •  1-hour Ni-Cad charger;
  •  18-volt XRP battery and kit box.

 Makita Reciprocating Saw: Model JR3070CT

Makita Reciprocating Saw: JT3070CTIf you have any serious demolition or deconstruction project lined up, look no further than to the Makita Reciprocating Saw (JR3070CT). This Makita Reciprocating saw is a pro tool that delivers on its promises and will fulfill a variety of your cutting needs.

The Makita Reciprocating Saw (Makita JR JR3070CT), at less than 10 pounds is a lightweight reciprocating saw that is packed with power.  Boasting a 15 amp motor, it’s a heavy duty reciprocating  that guarantees precise cutting.  Click here to purchase the Makita reciprocating saw at a great discount.


There are many unique features of the MakitaJR3070CT reciprocating saw, but a few of these features stand out to make this model a great choice for the discerning buyer.

Cutting Action

The power, precision and versatility of the cutting action are all major concerns for anyone looking to purchase a reciprocating saw. These features are in the Makita JR3070CT reciprocating saw with both straight and orbital cutting action. The 4 cutting positions allow many angles of attack to get into hard to reach or awkward places. It also provides enough room to feel reasonably safe while working with it.

Unlike with other brands of reciprocating saw, the orbital action takes effect only when the saw reaches a certain degree of pressure; with the Makita JR3070CT, it works from the get-go. This ultimately means you can get more cutting done in less time.

Makita JR3070CT Anti-Vibration Technology

Reciprocating saws are not simple to use, many models are heavy and vibrate a lot during cutting and can affect work output.  Luckily, this Makita Reciprocating Saw solves that very problem!. The Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) of the Makita JR3070CT is its primary asset. Its vibration is significantly less when compared with other reciprocating saws in the market.

Other Features Of The Makita Reciprocating Saw:

  • An electronic saw powered by a 15 AMP motor 15 AMP motor, the Makita Reciprocating Saw has the power to ensure precise and consistent cutting.
  • Stroke Length – Long 1-1/4″ Stroke for a quick cut with 0-2,800 strokes per minute. This stroke length cuts through thick metal or any other hard materials easily, smoothly and without any effort.
  •  Variable Speed Dial – With 6 preset speeds that guarantee compatibility between saw and application; any user, even newbie’s, would find it easy to find a speed that is suitable.
  • Unique clutch assembly – This feature protects the saw’s gears in the event that the blade binds, resulting in unmatched durability. Users can expect their Makita JR3070CT to last them many years as a result.
  • Tool-less blade change makes blade changing and shoe adjustment a breeze
  • Five Position Shoe Adjustment
  • State-of-the-art body design – Body is protected with rubber and felt seals to keep moisture, dust and other elements out of the Makita JR3070CT Reciprocating Saw.

Who knew that a lightweight reciprocating saw can come with so much great features?  The Makita JR3070CT is best suited for DIYers or handy men looking for an pro-level tool at a great value.

What Included In The Package:

Every box of Makita JR3070CT comes with

  •  the JR3070CT Reciprocating Saw,
  • two blades; and
  • a metal tool case.

DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver

An artisan worth his tools understands what a big investment each tool is.  So if an investment is to be made, might as well make one with reliable returns.  The Dewalt line of tools and equipment has been popular in groups of builders and DIY-ers, with the DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver leading the pack.

The DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver is a powerhouse of robust, multifunctional cordless tools that get the job done.  Each tool is handy; no obtrusive cords that get pulled accidentally; plus runs on a powerful extended run time battery system so more work is done with no disruption.  It has a sleek and ergonomic design that is easy to control.  It’s easy to understand, easy to use and has application-specific settings that can be used whether doing some huge carpentry or little DIY projects.


  • 18-volt cordless hammer drill that boasts of three-speed, all-metal transmission

A smart three-speed, all-metal transmission adapts to the demands of the job at hand.  Effortless drilling and fastening brought by the powerful 450-watt mechanism.  It can drill through thick masonry in its hammer drill mode with up to 34,000 beats per minute.

  • 18-volt circular saw with 6-1/2 inch carbide-tipped blade

With speeds of up to 3,700 rpm, the DEWALT DC390 XRP 18-Volt Circular Saw makes fast and precise rip cuts and cross cuts.  It can cut through a wide range of materials with bevel capacity of 0 to 50 degrees.  Work output is increased with the 6-1/2 inch carbide-tipped blade that can crisply cut at 90 degrees and 45 degrees.

  • 18-volt reciprocating saw with four-position blade clamp

Dewalt DC385 XRP 18-Volt Reciprocating Saw has a stroke length of 1-1/8 inches that comes in speeds of up to 3,000 strokes per minute.  Easy to use and control with its anti-slip comfort grip.

  • 18-volt compact heavy-duty impact driver with 1,330 inch-pounds of maximum torque

One of the most powerful impact drivers in the market, it has a maximum torque of 1,330 inch-pounds, with speeds of up 2,400 rpm and could be set to up to 2,700 impacts per minute.  The DC825 18-Volt Impact Driver guarantees effortless, fast results.

  • 18-volt versatile cut-off tool

Cutting and grinding are made fast and easy by the DC411 18-Volt Cut-Off Tool with power of to 6,500 rpm.  Works smooth and quietly because of the smart low-profile gear case and jam-pot design.

  • 18-volt floodlight with flexible neck

Hard-to-see areas will be a thing of the past with the DW919 18-Volt Floodlight.  It has a flexible neck that can access tight crawl space, electrical panel and hard-to-see nooks and crannies.  The flexible neck allows for hands-free operation, yielding in increased work output.

  • XRP Extended-Life Battery System

The XRP Ni-Cad batteries in each of tool have up to 40 percent more run time than most batteries in the market.  An hour’s charging is all that is required for these Dewalt Tools to run the whole day.

Users who have discovered the brilliance of the DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver swear by the tools’ power, versatility and durability.  At a friendly price, the DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver can rival even the priciest, “state-of-the-art” tools in the market.  Wear and tear is reduced to a minimum with the smart design and mechanism that users can expect these tools to last them a lifetime.

Every box of DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver comes with DCD950 XRP 1/2-inch, 18-volt hammer drill/drill/driver, DC390 XRP 18-volt circular saw, DC385 XRP 18-volt reciprocating saw, DC825 18-volt impact driver, DC411 18-volt cut-off tool, DW919 18-volt flexible floodlight, one-hour Ni-Cad charger, two 18-volt XRP Ni-Cad batteries, 360-degree side handle, 6-1/2-inch carbide-tipped circular saw blade, Type 1 and Type 27 guards, wrench, backing flange, Type 1 wheel, two-position side handle, and contractor bag.

Milwaukee 0719-22 V28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit

In 1951, the Milwaukee line of electrical tools introduced to the construction world what was then the most powerful reciprocating saw.  Things could only go uphill from there, with the company further enhancing their designs and mechanism.  Now, more than half a century after they released their first reciprocating saw, Milwaukee does it again with their latest, the Milwaukee 0719-22 V28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit.

It has the dependable Milwaukee promise of hard-hitting cutting performance and adds in the convenience of cordless cutting, powerful 28-volt Lithium-Ion battery with a fuel gauge and dual speed ranges of 0-2,000 strokes per minute and 0-3,000 strokes per minute.


  • Dual Speed Range

The Milwaukee 0719-22 V28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit has a unique, variable-speed motor with two speed ranges of 0-2,000 spm and 0-3,000 spm so that users can attack any application with no reservation.  Switch from cutting metal to wood without effort.

  • 28-Volt Li-Io Battery

The Milwaukee 0719-22 V28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit’s 28-volt Li-Io battery is the longest lasting battery in the sawzall industry.  It has twice the running time of Ni-Cad battery, which powers most reciprocating saws.  It is equipped with an illuminated “fuel” gauge so users are warned when it’s time to recharge or replace the batteries.  Most cordless reciprocating saw users complain of poor performance once the battery nears its end; this is not going to be a problem with the Milwaukee 0719-22 V28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw.

  • Superior 1-1/8 Inch Stroke Length

1-1/8 inch long strokes mean faster cutting.  And with the correct blade installed, the Milwaukee 0719-22 V28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw can cut through any application thinkable: wood, metal, fiberglass, asphalt roof shingles, plaster, drywall, nail-embedded wood, plastic pipe, copper tubing and just about anything.

  • QUIK-LOK® Blade Clamp And Keyless Shoe Adjustment

Blade changes can be done in a snap, with no special tools necessary.  Blade depth can also be adjusted in an instant so users can switch from one application to another.

  • Gear Protecting Clutch

Milwaukee’s Gear Protecting Clutch design renders it its unmatched durability.  It protects the reciprocating saw’s gear and motor so that wear and tear is reduced, with the saw lasting the user years and years.

Do-it-yourselfers love how user-friendly the Milwaukee 0719-22 V28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw is with its dual speed ranges, long stroke length, QUIK-LOK® blade clamp and keyless shoe adjustment.  Yet at the same time, even the most aggressive builders and construction workers would not trade the power and reliability of the Milwaukee Sawzall.  It works best during demolition tasks.  The only thing the construction world is waiting for Milwaukee to accomplish is its ever-powerful Sawzall incorporated with a variable angle head.  When that happens, it would be hard for any tools company to topple Milwaukee off the top spot.

Every box of Milwaukee 0719-22 V28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw kit comes with Milwaukee 0719-22 V28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw, Two Super Sawzall blades, 2 28-volt Li-Io batteries and 1-hour charger.

Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Recip Saw

The Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Recip Saw belongs to the crème de la crème of sawzalls.  It has three remarkable features that earned its place in the construction industry: Constant Power Technology™, Gear Protecting Clutch and Counter Balance Mechanism.  All these features work complementary to each other to provide impeccable cutting performance.  Aside from these features, it boasts of a 15.0 Amp motor that is the most powerful in the market today.


  • 15.0 Amp Milwaukee Motor

The Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Recip Saw has enough power to cut through the thickest of materials without producing strain on the Recip Saw.  Motor burn up is a common problem with low-power sawzalls; stops when the saw has been on for a long time or has gone through too much pressure.  This doesn’t happen with the Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Recip Saw’s powerful 15.0 Amp motor as it has the highest overload protection in the market.

  • Constant Power Technology™

With Constant Power Technology™, the Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Recip Saw, maintains constant speed and power throughout the application.  This state-of-the-art feature makes for unrivaled cutting precision.

  • Gear Protecting Clutch

Sudden blade lock-ups are a sawzall owner’s nightmare.  Lock-ups damage the gear and motor, greatly deteriorating the sawzall’s life.  What the Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Recip Saw’s Patented Gear Protecting Clutch does is absorb great impact forces so as to protect the sawzall’s gear and motor.

  • Counter Balanced Mechanism

The Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Recip Saw keeps vibrations to a minimum with its Counter Balanced Mechanism.  Less vibration means better control for the user, increased work output and better craftsmanship.

  • Variable Speed Trigger and Dial Speed Control

The Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Recip Saw has speeds of up to 2,800 strokes per minute.

  • Quik-Lok™ Blade Clamp System

No time is wasted changing blades with fast, easy and safe Quik-Lok™ Blade Clamp System.

The power of the Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Recip Saw can keep up with the high demands of major construction work, but is fairly easy to use for DIY projects.  It has a stroke length of 1-1/4 inch; that combined with the right speed of up to 2,800 strokes per minute, cuts excellently through any material.  Aside from the speed, the sawzall’s orbital action makes for effortless, aggressive cutting.  Users may want to purchase a separate case for blades as the Milwaukee’s Sawzall has space for only a limited number of blades.  This sawzall is heavier than other saws although this noticeably reduces vibrations, making for better control.  With its price, the Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Recip Saw can be considered an investment.  It’s not at all the cheapest sawzall in the market, but its wonderful features make it worth every dollar.

Every box of Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Recip Saw comes with 1 unit of Super Sawzall Recip Saw and Impact Resistant Carrying Case.

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