A cordless impact wrench is a great tool shop workers can use to remove or install difficult fasteners. Cordless impact wrenches greatly reduce the effort a user exerts to remove or install nuts and bolts. Racing fans often see, and hear, high-powered impact wrenches at professional racing events when drivers bring their race cars in for a tire change. Cordless impact wrenches provide the same convenience as their air powered cousins in a portable package. This makes them ideal for use away from power supplies or in places where a tethered impact wrench just does not work.

Workers use a best cordless electric impact wrench for driving and removing fasteners in various materials such as wood, metal and concrete. They are also used for removing and fastening bolts and nuts. Workers across many industries use impact wrenches, and some consumers keep them in their vehicle for roadside emergencies. For workers who rarely come across difficult fasteners, a cheap cordless impact wrench may suffice. But for heavy-duty jobs, users may have to go with a more powerful model. This cordless impact wrench comparison should help shop workers figure out what specifications to look for and help them find the best cordless impact wrench among these cordless impact wrench reviews.

A Review of Some Of The Best Cordless Impact Wrenches

The Midrange of Best Impact Wrench Cordless Around: One of the best midrange high torque impact wrench offerings is the DeWALT 20V impact wrench. The 1/2 impact wrench features a hog ring that makes changing attachments quick and easy. The hog ring mechanism allows users to easily snap on different sized impact wrench heads. It is the same mechanism found on manual ratchets, so using it is a familiar process. The DeWALT impact wrench also features a variable speed trigger that helps users control the force the impact wrench exerts. DeWALT’s XR Li-Ion batteries last over 30 percent longer than comparable impact wrench batteries. DeWALT stands behind their brand by offering a three-year limited warranty, one-year free service contract and 90 day cash back guarantee. The DeWALT high torque impact wrench is a trusted name among many work shop professionals.

Users of this DeWALT impact wrench often use it to remove large, rusted nuts and bolts. The batteries for this device are notable for their long duration. Its motor is quiet producing much less noise than traditional air powered impact wrenches. The tool has a solid feel and comes with a convenient storage bag to keep all the parts and accessories together. Many users compare its performance to heavy-duty air compressor powered units. At 15 pounds, this impact wrench is a little weighty for some, but it gets the job done easily.


• Maximum Revolutions per Minute: 1500
• Maximum Impacts per Minute: 2300
• Battery Capacity: 72 W/h
• Weight with Battery: 12 pounds
• Fastening Torque: 300 pound/feet
• Loosening Torque: 400 pound/feet

Leads The Pack In Fastening Power

The Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2 1/2-Inch High-Torque Impact tool offers freedom from electrical cords and air hoses. It has one of the highest fastening torque ratings available. Its slim profile makes it ideal for tight locations. The Ingersoll Rand W7150-K2 impact wrench has a strong, light-weight steel housing that takes plenty of punishment. It features a variable speed trigger making it easy for users to control how much force it exerts. The Ingersoll Rand impact wrench also features a soft grip handle that decreases vibration, improves grip and reduces fatigue making it ideal for extended use. This high-end kit comes with two batteries enabling workers to always have spare power on hand when necessary. The Ingersoll Rand 1/2 impact kit comes with a hard shell case to protect the wrench and accessories from damage.

The Ingersoll Rand impact wrench is highly rated among its users. It is one of the newer impact wrenches on the market. This is capable of standing up to consistent, daily use. Ingersoll Rand stands behind their products. If the equipment breaks down, the company will replace it. It has one of the highest fastening torques available. It is pretty hefty, weighing in at 15 pounds, but this class of impact wrench is for extremely heavy-duty use. Shop workers recommend the Ingersoll Rand impact wrench for the toughest jobs.


• Maximum Revolutions per Minute: 1900
• Maximum Impacts per Minute: 2300
• Battery Capacity: 54 W/h
• Weight with Battery: 15 pounds
• Fastening Torque: 1100 pound/feet
• Loosening Torque: 780 pound/feet

The Most Powerful Choice For Freeing Frozen Hardware

The Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 FUEL has a slick, attractive housing. It also has one of the highest loosening torques on the market. The motor has two different settings. One setting allows its operators to use full torque, and a low setting helps users prevent themselves from over tightening hardware. The brushless motor design produces more power with less heat. Milwaukee’s patented technology also gives users more life throughout each charge. The Milwaukee M18 2763-22 motor technology works with the impact wrench’s higher amperage to produce longer battery life. The unit also has a built-in LED light that makes it convenient for use in dark places.

Users of Milwaukee’s FUEL impact wrench vouch for its awesome power. Frequent users rate it on par with heavy duty, professional air compressor powered impact wrenches. The FUEL lives up to its price. Although it is attractive, the housing of the FUEL is bulky making it unsuitable for tight spaces. The Milwaukee 2763-22 is also one of the heaviest impact wrenches weighing in at 16 pounds. The FUEL is not comfortable to use for extended periods, but it has plenty of power for difficult industrial grade fasteners. Professional mechanics who use the tool boast it is excessive to use an impact wrench like this on passenger vehicles. The entire kit comes in an attractive hard case with two batteries and a base charger, and Milwaukee provides a lengthy five-year warranty.


• Maximum Revolutions per Minute: 1700
• Maximum Impacts per Minute: 2300
• Battery Capacity: 65 W/h
• Weight with Battery: 16 pounds
• Fastening Torque: 700 pound/feet
• Loosening Torque: 1100 pound/feet

Impact Wrench Packs Power In A Small Package

The Makita WT01W Impact Wrench Kit is one of the less expensive impact wrenches on the market. However, the power and quality, of this little impact wrench that could, is synonymous with the iconic Makita name. The model offers professional power in a compact design. The Makita WT01W 12V Impact Wrench Kit has the same great extras of some of its pricier counterparts such as a soft grip handle and illuminating LED light. Makita makes its housing with their proprietary durable, hardened steel. Even though this impact wrench may not work well for the heaviest industrial uses, it is ideal for daily use by repair and maintenance men. Its head features a 3/8 inch socket quick release, making changes sizes a breeze, and the Makita WT01W 12V 3/8 Inch Impact Wrench Kit charger is easy on the pockets with its Energy Star rated charging station. The most amazing aspect of the Makita impact wrench is it delivers all of this power and is one of the lightest cordless impact wrenches available at only 2 pounds.

Users report this Makita power wrench holds its own for all but the toughest jobs. It only boasts a torque, in either direction, about 80 pounds, but users hail it for its performance. The Makita’s light weight makes it very comfortable to use for extended periods. It small size also makes it perfect for getting into tight spots. Although it is low priced, its quality is outstanding. This impact wrench is a perfect replacement tool for frequent ratchet wrench users. Power tool users loyal to the Makita brand report the impact wrench holds up the level of performance and quality they expect from Makita. Even though this is the perfect impact wrench for everyday shop use, it is also a great choice as part of an emergency road kit or a home tool kit.


• Maximum Revolutions per Minute: 2300
• Maximum Impacts per Minute: 3000
• Battery Capacity: 14 W/h
• Weight with Battery: 2 pounds
• Fastening Torque: 83 pound/feet
• Loosening Torque: 74 pound/feet

Impact Wrench And Drill Set Offers Two Great Deals For The Price of One

The Porter-Cable PCCK602L2 20V MAX Lithium 2 Tool Combo Kit includes a light use impact wrench with low torque but high impact. What this means is the impact wrench can break nuts and bolts loose, but most likely it will take more work from the user. The set also includes an equally impressive drill. At a bargain basement price for the set, the Porter Cable PCCK602L2 impact wrench and drill are suitable for shops that rarely need the power of an impact wrench. The impact wrench and drill battery both feature a meter that lets users see how much power the cells have left. The power tools are ultra-lightweight weighing in at around 3 pounds each. Also, their small profile makes them great for use in tight spaces. The Porter-Cable PCCK602L2 20V impact wrench and drill set is a good choice for thrifty, occasional impact wrench users. If they should happen to need a drill as well, the Porter Cable impact wrench and drill set is the perfect combination.

For those looking for a low-end impact wrench, they should not let the Porter Cable impact wrench and drill set’s bargain price mislead them. Users of the set rank it highly. They report the tools have a comfortable ergonomic design. They even feature the same variable trigger feature of some of their expensive counterparts. Battery life is not an issue with the Porter Cable’s long lasting included lithium-ion cells. Even though this set is one of the lower powered packages, professionals use the impact wrench daily to speed their work in non-automotive fields such as carpentry or electrical work. The set is also compact and lightweight. For occasional–or regular light use–impact wrench users, the Porter Cable impact wrench and drill set are the perfect tools for the job.


• Maximum Revolutions per Minute: 2900
• Maximum Impacts per Minute: 3100
• Battery Capacity: 27 W/h
• Weight with Battery: 3.2 pounds

The tools featured in this impact wrench review are some of best impact wrench deals on the market. As illustrated, there are varying grades of impact wrenches that suit different uses from a cheap impact wrench that is great for changing tires to a top of the line impact wrench that can handle the toughest jobs. An impact wrench is definitely something workers want in their toolkit if they often find themselves driving or loosening difficult fasteners. It is important to note impact wrenches take special hardened sockets and accessories. Normal wrench sockets cannot withstand the high velocity of power impact wrenches. The sockets can shred and throw shrapnel. They are not designed for the high demands of an impact wrench.

Cordless impact wrenches definitely make a difficult job a lot easier. The biggest jobs require the strongest cordless impact wrench. If they have a cordless impact wrench for sale for your difficult or repetitive fastening needs.

How A Cordless Impact Wrench Works

Cordless impact wrenches provide workers with a way to decrease injuries and save time. The tool helps them drive and loosen nuts and bolts. Cordless impact wrenches greatly reduce the effort required from workers to complete jobs. The tools exert rotational force—called torque—in small, powerful bursts, and rechargeable, detachable battery packs supply their power. The reduced effort results in much less fatigue, if any, for the worker. This allows them to complete their work faster, increasing their productivity and profitability.

Workers often to resort to using a cordless impact wrench when all manual efforts have failed or when they are familiar with the difficulties of a repetitive task. No matter how difficult a fastener is to remove, an impact wrench can work it loose. When driving difficult fasteners, the impact wrench also pushes the nut or bolt forward exerting much more force than the horizontal pressure applied with manual efforts. An impact wrench’s action is similar to putting a box wrench on a fastener and hitting it with a hammer. Inside the impact wrench, the tool has its own hammer and anvil. As the motor rotates, the hammer spins around and hits the anvil with powerful bursts that applies the force needed to drive or loosen a fastener. The repeated, short bursts also break loose corrosion and rust.

How To Determine Impact Wrench Needs

Cordless impact wrenches are the most desired type of impact wrenches available. The more heavy-duty a worker’s regular task, the more they are likely to invest in a power wrench solution. High-end cordless power wrenches can work as well as, or better than, most of their air powered peers. However, they have the advantage of an untethered power supply.

When deciding on what grade of impact wrench to invest in, workers must find a balance between power and weight based upon their needs. The more powerful an impact wrench is, the more weight it carries in its housing. However, cordless impact wrench solutions are still slowly gaining market share from their air powered counterparts.

A benefit common to all cordless impact wrenches is that they produce much less recoil than air powered solutions. Different cordless impact wrench models produce different recoil levels, so workers must investigate different models and judge what grade of device is suitable for their needs. For heavy, consistent industrial needs, workers should look at models that are above 18 volts. Lower voltages require much more effort on the part of the user. However, this trade off may work for individuals who seldom come across heavily rusted or immovable industrial grade fasteners.

How To Choose A Wrench Model

Workers also need to think about the range of tasks they need to carry out. Cordless impact wrench trigger mechanisms come in varying configurations. Workers need to make sure the model of cordless impact wrench they are considering conforms to their work needs. Other factors to consider, when narrowing down cordless impact wrench choices, include how easy they are to control and how much they recoil. Workers who work on sensitive equipment need to ensure the cordless impact wrench they decide to buy does not damage the equipment they are working on.

Furthermore, shop workers must think about how often they will actually have their cordless impact wrench in hand. For instances where a worker does not need an impact wrench often, a model users report having heavy recoil may still serve them well. In some instances, workers may want to consider the noise level of their new cordless impact drill. Although workers expect some noise, they do not want an impact wrench that is so loud it disturbs the surrounding environment of a client’s work site. Frequent cordless impact wrench users also need to look at the quality of a cordless impact wrench’s battery before committing to a specific model. Overusing a battery that cannot withstand daily repeated use will result in the user repeatedly buying expensive replacement batteries.